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How a simple young lady pursued her dream

Welcome to my blog!

A small glimpse into the dreams of a young simple, quiet girl. This is how it started!

Hello friends,

My name is Tanya and I am the owner of Entouch Day Spa. Some of you may not know me but I hope that this blog will allow me to be a part of your life and you will get to know me a little bit more.

A little bit of a back story! In 1989 my interest in the beauty industry became one of my favorite topics to research. I didn't have the internet or a cell phone like we do now so I spent time in the library checking out magazines and books. I came across an add in one of the beauty magazines advertising the Barbizon modeling school in San Francisco and it caught my eye, I immediately felt the rush going through my veins with hope and a chance for a exciting new adventure. I was drawn to the different makeup and the interesting outfits that were so bright and colorful, the models were fascinating to me so I cut out the advertisement, filled out my contact information and decided to put it in the mail the next day, in hopes that I would receive a phone call for a interview. Within weeks I received a letter from the top modeling agency and that was the beginning of my passion in the beauty industry. I had a few interviews, sessions, and a once in a lifetime experience of walking down the runway, the rush was an incredible experience. Since then my dream to attend Cosmetology School was in my heart, 34 years later I got my wish!

Interested in hearing more?

Stay tuned!

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